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RF Accesories

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Fiber Optic
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Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable

Outdoor Fiber optic cables are designed to installed as duct, direct- buried, and aerial/lashed.


Indoor Fiber Optic Cable

Indoor Tight buffered cables allow direct connectorization and are suitable for indoor.


ADSS Fiber Optic Cable

Specialy designed for Aerial instalation

ADSS Mini Span
   ADSS Muti-loose Tube with single jacket for short span (Max 150 meters).

ADSS Medium Span
   ADSS Muti-loose Tube with double jacket for medium span

ADSS Cable Fittings
   ADSS Cable Fittings used for ADSS cable installation, including anchor clamp, preformed tension map and brackets etc.



Aerial Figure 8 Optic Cable

Self-Supported Figure 8 cables for aerial installation

Fig 8 Muti-Loose Tube Cable
   Fig 8 Muti-Loose tube cable used as aerial install max 288Fibers.

Fig 8 Uni-Loose Tube Cable
   Fig 8 Uni-Loose tube cable used as aerial install max 24Fibers

Cable Fittings For Figure 8 Cable
   Cable fittings used for install Figure 8 cable including anchor clamp, preformed tension map and brackets etc.


FTTx drop Cable

Fiber optic cables used as the last link for the FTTx networks

FTTx Tight Buffer Drop Cable
Fiber optic tight buffer cables used as last link of FTTx networks.

FTTx Loose Tube Cable
   Fiber optic loose tube cables used as last link of FTTx networks

FTTx Drop Cable Fittings
   FTTx Drop Cable Fittings Include Clamp, Brackets, etc.


Cable Management

Cable management is the most essential part of any installation, especially for data communication. Ease of installation, flexibility, efficiency, safety and customization are key elements for power, data and telecommunication cable distribution.

 – Fiber optic Distribution Box
   The equipment is widely used as a termination point for feeder cable to connect with drop cable.The fiber splicing , splitting , distribution can be done in this box,and meanwhile it provides solid protection and management for FTTX network. Can be used indoor or outdoor.

 – Fiber Optic Splice Closure
   It provides space and protection for the fiber optic cable splicing and joint

Fiber Optic Terminal & Distribution Box
   Excellent sealability, reusability. Protection grade upto IP 68. It can install PLC splitter used for FTTH projects

Rack Mount Fiber Splice & Termination Box
   Standard 19″ rack installation Capacity up to 144 ports Combine splice, distribution & termination in the same box Top cover removable Economical design.

 Optical Distribution Frame (Rack System)
   OPTICAL DISTRIBUTION FRAME (Rack System) is made of top quality steel and deformed aluminum alloy and treated with galvanizing, oxidation and electrostatic plastic spraying, and it has the advantages of anti-corrosion, solid structure and pleasing appearance.

Wall Mount Fiber Splice & Termination Box
   Wall mountable Capacity up to 96 ports Combine splice, distribution & termination in the same box Two door access and easy installation

Outdoor Optical Cross Connection Cabinet
   For outdoor applications Weather proof and dust proof, meeting IP65 Perform fiber splicing, distribution and patching Capacity up to 288 ports.

Wall mount Optical outlet (Socket)
   This mini style distribution box is widely applied in the FTTX network to connect drop cable and ONU devices through fiber port. It supports splicing, distribution, mechanical



Fiber Optic Patch Cord/Pigtail

Fiber optic patch cables are suitable for equipment patch cords, cross-connections and work area connections. All patch cables are made from riser grade cable and are factory tested to ensure that their performance meets Telcordia standards. Patch cables are available in multimode and singlemode, duplex and simplex.

PVC/LSZH Patch Cord
   Optic cables terminated with LC/SC/ST/FC/MTRJ/MU/SMA connectors on both ends

Armored Fiber Patch Cord
   Armored fiber patch cord use rugged shell with SUS Spring armor to provide high crush resistant and rodent protection

MPO/MTP Patch Cord
   MTP patch cord is a multi-fiber patch cord suitable for high-density back plane and PCB solutions. MTP patch cord offers up to 12 times the density of traditional patch cords, providing significant space and cost savings

FTTH Patch Cord
   FTTH Drop Cable Pre-terminated

Multi Core Fiber Patch Cables
   Multi Core Fiber Patch Cables, Max with 144 Fibers

FTTA Patch Cable
  Fiber to base station, Fiber to Antenna.

Fiber Optic Pigtail
  Available fiber cable diameters: Φ0.9, Φ2.0, Φ3.0mm Simplex and Duplex. Connector type: SC/FC/ST/LC, Polishing : PC/UPC/APC


Passive Optical Components

PLC splitter, Coupler,WDM, Adapter, Connector,etc.

Fiber Adapters
   Fiber optic adapter is also called fiber optic coupler. is used to supply a cable to cable fiber connection

Field Assembly Connectors
   Field Assembly Connector (Fast Connector) is created  for simple and fast field termination of single fibers, without the corresponding assembly tools.

Fiber Splice Protection Sleeves
   Fiber Splice Protection Sleeves are specifically  designed for fiber optic closure protection. The tubes offer protection to the connection point and reduce the risk of damaging the fiber during installation.

Splitter and Coupler
   PLC splitter,PBT splitter, Coupler

Optical Tools

Fusion Splicer, OTDR, FTTX Tool Kits, etc.

Fusion Splicer

FTTx FTTH Optical Tool Kits


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