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About Afitel

About Afitel

About Us
We are an international group of professionals coming from different areas that include, Freight Forwarders, Forwarder, Foreign Trade, Import and Export of products, IT, Data Networks, Economics and Market analysis, Associate Engineers and others.


At AFITEL we provide all the necessary elements for the implementation and maintenance of communications networks, such as coaxial cable, fiber optic cables, Utp/Ftp/Sftp cables, optical and electrical connectors, mediaconverters and all passive/active elements that may be needed in the design of the network, as well as special tools for the installation&maintenance and measurement and analysis equipment and instruments. Depending on the project or development to be carried out and/or commercialized, we can provide you with a solution.

As a standard, our products are framed within the European Union regulations and comply with its strict quality standards, in several cases becoming tactical material for use in military applications, which allows us to be suppliers of the most prestigious communications companies and developers of state-of-the-art technology worldwide (aerospace, global networks, base stations, broadcast, radiant systems, aeronautics, etc.).

International Distribution
With distribution base in Dongguan China, we deliver the products all over the world “in modality” (Incoterms) Fob, Cif or already Nationalized in your country “door to door”, according to your convenience by Ship, Airplane or Courier. Consult us for the different Incoterms as you prefer.
In case the customer has not yet solved it, we have a network that includes representatives, forwarders, customs brokers, foreign trade analysts and everything necessary to deliver the products you request with the greatest efficiency, speed and at the lowest possible cost.

Purchasing Modalities (Incoterms)
Once the customer informs us of the requirements of a product he/she requests, we deliver the Specification Sheets (Data Sheets) of the product/s, since there may be several alternatives that meet the same requirement.
According to the customer’s decision, the delivery method will be:

– Delivery at Port of Origin (FOB):
Invoiced in China and delivered at the assigned port.

– Delivery in Port of Destination (CIF):
Invoiced in China and delivered to the port of destination ready for the customer to clear the goods.

– Delivery at customer’s address:
It is delivered at the customer’s address after having nationalized the goods by completing the relevant formalities and paying the respective taxes on the products.

It is the customer who decides which of the modalities is more convenient according to the Incoterm.
The costs differ according to the chosen method since, depending on the option taken, expenses such as transport and others that vary the final amount must be included or not.

Contact us Latin America
With special emphasis on Latin America, we offer you our infrastructure so that you have the necessary elements at your disposal to ensure that your projects, installations and procurement reach a successful conclusion


Web Site
Our WebSite still under development has information about several of the products we sell, as well as the Datasheets of most of the material displayed there.
If the product of your interest does not appear in our website at this moment, do not hesitate to contact us because several of the products are not yet loaded..

Our mission:
At Afitel we work with the utmost transparency, reliability and efficiency to achieve customer satisfaction.
Our goal is to generate benefits and mutual trust with our customers, which allows us to achieve lasting and profitable relationships for both.

Mainly oriented to the Latin American market, we also have offices and representatives in several countries and a warehouse in Dongguan China.
We have the capacity to deliver the products requested in Asia, America (North, Central and South), Africa, Europe and Oceania.


We remain at your disposal for any questions, doubts or requirements.

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