Coaxial 1/2″ Jumper Cable Patch


1/2″ Jumper Cable is made of cable with connectors which is usually applied for connecting to an antenna of transmission equipment. This cable incorporates high foaming polyethylene insulation technology to minimize signal loss and have excellent electric features such as low damping and reflection coefficient.


Specifications - Construction
Inner Conductor Copper-clad aluminum wire
Dielectric Special foamed plastic with low permittivity and low loss
Outer Conductor Corrugated copper tube
Jacketing Black polyethylene
Cable Type 1/2" superflexible
Connector Type N-Male, N-Female, 7/16-Male, 7/16-Female, N-Male right angle, 7/16-Male right angle, 4.3-10 Male, 4.3-10 Female
Length Standard delivery length: 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m, 2m or 3m. Other lengths also available on request.
Specifications - Electrical Characteristics at +20°C
Characteristic Impedance 50 ± 1 Ω
Maximum Operating Frequency 3000 MHz
Peak RF Voltage Rating 1.39 kV
Peak Power Rating 19.0 kW
Return Loss (VSWR) With 7/16 male and female, N male and female connectors: 0~1000MHz: 28dB, 1000~2700MHz: 26dB
With 7/16 male 90°, N male 90° connectors: 0~1000MHz: 26dB, 1000~2700MHz: 24dB
Attenuation (at cable) 1000MHz: 0.11dB/m, 2000MHz: 0.17dB/m
Connector Attenuation (2 pcs) ≤ 0.1dB
Average Power Rating 1000MHz: 710W, 2000MHz: 480W
Intermodulation, typical (2x20W Tx) 800~1000MHz: -160dBc, 1600~2000MHz: -160dBc
Specifications - Mechanical Characteristics
Maximum Pulling Force 500 N
Minimum Bending Radius Single Bending: 15mm, Repeated Bending: 30 mm
Waterproof Level IP68