FO – FTTx – GYFXTY-FL Uni Loose Tube Flat aerial drop cable

GYFXTY-FL Uni Loose Tube Flat aerial drop cable

Created for quick installation and ease of use, Flat-Span Drop cable is the ultimate link for today’s FTTx networks. The design is a Uni-Loose tube containing up to 24 fibers. Two FRP members are embedded to provide the mechanical properties of the cable. The final product, with its compact size, acts as a self-sufficient aerial solution for those last mile drops to the consumer’s home or office.


Product Construction

  • Fiber:
    2-24 fibers
    Uni-loose tube gel-filled
  • Strength Member:
    Embedded FRP (Fiber glass reinforce plastic)
  • Outer Jacket:
    Black UV and waterproof polyethylene (PE).
  • Features:
    - Compact size, use universal cable clamp make installation easily.
    - Uni-tube gel-filled construction for superior fiber protection.
    - Two embedded FRP member to provide high tensile and crush resistance.
    - UV and waterproof design.
    - Designed for use with inexpensive attachment hardware.
    - Self-supporting no messenger needed
  • Applications:
    - Aerial installation.
    - FTTx, access.