FO Indoor Cables – MFC Micro Indoor distribution Cable

MFC Micro Indoor distribution Cable

MFC indoor distribution cable is used as outdoor to indoor access cable in installations. It is used as a building access cable in the distribution system of premises, especially in places with confined spaces.


1-24 fibers
250um color coated  fiber.

Strength Member:
Kevlar yarn.

Outer Jacket:
UV and flame resistant LSZH

Good UV and flame resistant.
Dupon Kevlar yarn provide high tensile strength.
Micro size , soft, flexible, easy to install.

Used in access network or as access cable from outdoor to indoor
in customer premises .
Used as access building cable in premises distribution system,
especially  where request narrow space.
Fiber Type: G.652D, G.657A1 or G.657A2 single mode fiber.

Fiber Colors: