FO Indoor Cables – Tactical Breakout Cable

Tactical Breakout Cable

Tactical Breakout Cable provides several 900um flame-retardant tensile fibers as optical communication medium, the tensile fiber wrapped with a layer of aramid yarn as resistance units, and the cable is completed with a TPU jacket.


1-24 fibers
900um tight buffer fiber.

Strength Member:
Kevlar yarn.

Outer Jacket:
UV and flame resistant TPU

Tight buffer fiber ease of stripping.
Tight buffer fiber have excellent flame-retardant performance.
Aramid yarn as strength member make cable have excellent tensile strength.
Excellent performance of anti-torsion.
The outer jacket material have many advantages such as anti-abrasion,anti-aging, anti-oil and flame-retardant etc.

Military communication system cable distribution

Communication between radars or in oil field, mining work place.

Fiber Type: G.657A1 or G.657A2 single mode fiber

Fiber Colors: