FO Outdoor Cables – GYFTY-G Loose Tube Single Jacket All Dielectric Cable

GYFTY-G Loose Tube Single Jacket All-Dielectric Cable

Are designed to provide high fiber count and high tensile strength, used for duct installation or direct underground burial..


2-288 fibers
Uni-loose tube gel-filled

Central Strength Member:
Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP)

Strength Member:
Overall fiberglass reinforce yarn (Water Blocking)

Outer Jacket:
Black UV and waterproof polyethylene (PE).

All dielectric structure Up to 288 fibers.
Loose tube gel-filled construction for superior fiber protection.
Overall fiberglass reinforced yarn provide high tensile strength.
UV and waterproof design.

Inter building voice or data communication backbones.
Installed as aerial/lashed, ducts, underground conduits and direct burial.