FO – Splice Closure D010 DOME

Fiber Optic – D010 DOME Splice Closure


1 big oval port: 36mm , 6 small round ports: 20mm , Max 288F. Dimension:455*216mm




D010 Used for the protection of straight through and branch closures, these splice closures are sealed with heat shrink tubing so that they can be better attached and sealed to the optical cable.
They are also used for enclosed installation, manholes, support poles, wall suspension and aerial installation.


  • Advanced internal structure design.
  • Easy to reinsert, no re-entry tool required.
  • The closure is spacious enough for winding and storing fibers.
  • Fiber optic splice trays (FOSTs) are designed in SLIDE-IN-LOCK and their opening angle is approximately 90°.
  • The curved diameter complies with international standard.
  • Quick and easy to enlarge and reduce FOSTs.
  • Innovative integrated elastic locking.
  • FOST base is provided with oval inlet/outlet port.


  • Suitable for bundled and ribbon fibers.
  • Aerial, subway, wall mounting, hand hole mounting, pole mounting and conduit mounting.Specification
    Type Fibers/Tray Max. Capacity Tray# Suitable Cable

    Dia. Allowed(mm)


    GJS-D010-I (bunchy)

    12-24F 144 025 1 big oval port: 36mm

    6 small round ports: 20mm

    GJS-D010-II (bunchy) 24-48F 288 027
    GJS-D010-III (ribbon) 72F 432 026
    GJS-D010-IV (ribbon) 144F 864 028