FO -Splice Closure – In Line Type H001

Fiber Optic – Splice Closure – In Line Type H001


4 round ports: 13mm , 2 round ports: 16mm , Max 96F . Dimension: 388*184*104mm




H001 horizontal fiber optical splice closures, It is used in long-term use in areas with large temperature difference on the surface or strong ultraviolet light, so it is also applicable for directly buried installation in dry areas or in manholes without water in the long term. The sealing tape for the optical cable can be wired into the access hole to increase its diameter to the size of the cable access hole, and then the tightness of the connector box can be guaranteed.


  • Advanced internal structure design.
  • Easy to re-enter, it never requires re-entry tool it.
  • The closure is spacious enough for winding and storing fibers.
  • Fiber Optic Splice Trays(FOSTs) are design in SLIDE-IN-LOCK and its opening angle is about 90°.
  • The curved diameter meets with international standard.
  • Easy and fast to increase and reduce FOSTs.
  • Straight-through for uncutting and branching for cutting the fiber.



  • Suitable for bunchy & ribbon fibers
  • Aerial, underground, wall-mounting, hand hole-mounting, pole-mounting and duct-mounting.Specification
    Type Fibers/Tray Max. Capacity Tray# Suitable Cable

    Dia. Allowed(mm)



    6-16F 64 016 4 round ports: 13mm

    2 round ports: 16mm



    12-24F 96 024


    36F 144 017