FO – Wall Mount Fiber Splice and Termination Boxes

Fiber Optic – Wall Mount Fiber Splice and Termination Boxes

Are designed for pre-connectorized cables, field installation of connectors or splicing of patch cords in the field. They are suitable for building entry terminals, telecommunications closets, main cross-connections, computer rooms and other controlled environments.




  • Wall mountable, Water-proof.
  • Keyway entry
  • Provides fiber splicing, termination, management and storage in one unit
  • Fiber bend radius control
  • High density
  • Made from cold-rolled carbon steel sheets
  • Universal adapter plug-in fits a variety of adapters such as SC, FC, LC, etc.
  • Oblique installation of adapters to avoid laser hazard
  • Low costApplications
  • For building entrance terminals
  • Cross-connects
  • Telephone closets
  • Computer rooms
  • CATV
  • For pre-connectorized cables
  • Field installation of connectors
  • Splicing of pigtails