FO – Wall Mount FTTx Box

Fiber Optic – Wall Mount FTTx Box

Are  hermetic enclosures for splitting and redistributing optical power from feeder fibers to distribution fibers for FTTX networks. They are also designed for splicing, termination and fiber management.




  • Wall mountable, Water-proof.
  • Keyway entry
  • Provides fiber splicing, termination, management and storage in one unit
  • Fiber bend radius control
  • High density
  • Made from cold-rolled carbon steel sheets
  • Universal adapter plug-in fits a variety of adapters such as SC, FC, LC, etc.
  • Oblique installation of adapters to avoid laser hazard
  • Low cost


  • FTTX
  • For building entrance terminals
  • Cross-connects
  • Telephone closets
  • Computer rooms
  • CATV
  • For pre-connectorized cables
  • Field installation of connectors
  • Splicing of pigtails